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Vantage Art Prize

Vantage Rez Ian Kirkpatrick contemporary art cardboard

Rite of Spring (2013) and Vision in a Dream (2013) on exhibit at Vantage:Rez in Leeds

I was shortlisted for two separate Vantage Art Prizes in 2013: Vantage Art Prize and Vantage Art:Rez. Both were presented by the Departure Foundation and curated by Adam  Young, and took place at Ellington House in Leeds.   The aim of Vantage is to energise and empower creative practices within the city of Leeds and act as a catalyst for exceptional talent to develop and shine.

Vantage Art Prize exhibitors included:

Alex Millhouse-Smith – Alexa Molyneux – Alice Bradshaw – Anna Turner – Becki Griffiths – Ben Hawthornwaite – Bess Martin – Christian Braime – Darren Parker – David Steans – Ellie Harrison & Rochana Rubin-Mayhew  – Freddie Denton – Freya Kruczenyk – Grimes & Jones – Harry Meadley – Ian Kirkpatrick – James Nicholl – James Schofield – Jean McEwan – John Slemensek – Jonathan Turner – Lauren Pissochet – Liz Osborne – Martha Jurksaitis – Matt Maude – Matt Wheeldon – Naomi Gilby – Nigel Hayes – Patrick Bew – Paul Graham – Paul Hurley – Pippa Dyrlaga – Rhiannon Hunnisett – Rian Treanor – Rich Bunce – Ryan Thompson – Sara Zaltash – Sarah Gee & Emma Gee – Saz Johnston – Scott D’Arcy – Sharon Patrick – Sohail Khan – Steve Carrick – Testing The Razor – The Pavlov Syndicate

Vantage:Rez exhibitors included:

70/30 Split, Ashlie Barrow, Lucy Barker and Ben NCM, Akeelah Bertram, Christian Braime, Isabella Carreras, Freddie Denton, Filippa Dobson, Thomas Edwards, Jack Fisher, Beth Gadd, Emma Gee, Grace Fool Collective,  Richard Green, Becki Griffiths, Nigel Hayes, Ian Kirkpatrick, Anggelos Kokovikas, Julie LeFevre, Simon Lewis, Anna Lilleengen, Verity Marsh, Daniel Newton, Hannah Ord, Darren Parker, Tamsin Pearson, Roshana Rubin-Mayhew, Feargus Stuart, Annie Tobin, Harriet Wiseman

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