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Art Vend – Woolgather Arts commission

I was one of several artists commissioned by Woolgather Arts to produce a large series of small artworks that could be sold out of vending machines across Leeds.  By placing the machines in public venues such as shopping centres, bars, cafes and at public events, Art Vend offers the general public an art experience amongst everyday life, with the hope of reaching people who may not usually engage with the arts.  Art Vend aims to question the commercial value and commodification of artist products and to give space to more informal artistic ideas – with a little room for fun.  The project was made possible by the support of Leeds Inspired, Leeds City Council, East Street Arts, all the venues that hosted the machines across Leeds and beyond.

My contribution was a series of small collectible cardboard ‘cubes’ that could interlock into various configurations.  The boxes had humanoid, animal and even ‘monster’ like characteristics – amid many other iconographies decorated across their surfaces.

Ian Kirkpatrick - Art Vend cubes - Woolgather

Woolgather Art Vend

Woolgather Art Vend machine






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