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Exhibition As Residency: Chicago

Washington Park Arts Incubator

I was invited to participate in this year’s Ethnographic Terminalia, curated by the wonderful Fiona McDonald and the ET collective including Craig Campbell, Kate Hennessy, Trudi Lynn Smith, and Stephanie Takaragawa.  It was both an exhibition and a residency – an unusual and challenging task, which saw myself and several other artists and anthropologists creating work on-site at the Arts Incubator at Washington Park in Chicago.  Envisioned by artist Theaster Gates, the Arts Incubator is a space for artist residencies, arts education, community-based arts projects, as well as exhibitions, performances, and talks.

My artwork, ‘Habitat’, was a large cardboard box that I built and inhabited during the residency as a makeshift studio.  The artwork, featuring a doorway and several windows, offered several observation points – allowing me to engage with the public and colleagues.   Inside I decorated the walls with iconography inspired by the city of Chicago, and in particular the anthropological collections of the Chicago Field Museum.

Participating artists included:

Charlotte Bik Bandlien, Ruben Steinum, 
Zoe Bray, The EBANO Collective, The Ethnographic Terminalia Collective
, Jesse Colin Jackson, Tori Foster, Lindsay A Bell, 
Ian Kirkpatrick, Andrea Walsh, Trudi Lynn Smith, Sylvia Olsen, Adam Olsen and Joni Olsen, and Robert Willim.

Assembling the artwork prior to the show

Assembling the artwork prior to the show

Interior view of 'Habitat'

Interior view of ‘Habitat’

Exhibition as Residency Chicago Kirkpatrick

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