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QuayArts – Standpoint Open

Standpoint (definition: a physical or mental position from which things are viewed, considered or judged; a point of view).

2012 marks the 30th anniversary of Quay Arts’ existence as the Isle of Wight’s leading arts venue.  This year, they invited artists, designers and makers from the Island and beyond to exhibit in their biennial Open exhibition responding to the theme, ‘Standpoint’ — to reflect on and interpret the world around them, from their own unique standpoint.

Exhibiting Artists:
Ballad Wreath / Candace Rose Davies / Chris Jones / Colin Riches / Dawn Lincoln / Diana Parsons / Gillian Hawkins / Holly Cade / Ian Kirkpatrick / J.J. Brown / Judes Crow / Judy Swaffin Vans / Kate Theodore / Laura Iosifescu / Lucy Harington / Luke Ellison / Magie Gray / Mary Flynn / Mike Martin / Neil Geddes / Sally Waterman / Sarah Elizabeth Dawes / Sheila Luke / Teresa Grimaldi / Trevor Jessop



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