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RELAY is an annual exhibition which seeks to disrupt traditional creative processes by giving artists just three days to produce a work out of materials selected by the curators—in this case QuayArts (Isle of Wight) and aspace (Southampton).  The artworks are put briefly on display before being given to the next artist in the sequence, who must use the former piece as their starting point.  As a result, the original object is quickly transformed into something entirely new and unexpected.

This year, Julien Masson and I were selected to participate (in collaboration) and became the second artists in the sequence.  The work we created was inspired by children’s balsa-wood toys but engaged the political themes initiated by Alys Scott-Hawkins, whose work we appropriated.  Our instalment in the sequence (above) was on display at Quay Arts from March 28 to April 2nd, 2011.

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