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TIAF – The Independent Artist’s Fair London

I was selected for the inaugural TIAF (The Independent Artist’s Fair) this October in London, at Mile End Art Pavilion.  Happening concurrently with Frieze London, the show presented work from emerging artists across London and the rest of the UK.  Participating artists included:

Alda Terracciano, Alex Ratcliffe, Carl Harris, Catriona Faulkner, Charlie Bonallack, ChloRoach, Cristóbal Traslaviña, Dominic Negus, Doug Haywood, Ebru Herbil-Bradley, Edouard Burgeat, Evelyn O’Connor, Ewalina Kolaczek, Fausto Sanmartino, Gillian Swan, Glynn Griffiths, Heejoon Lee, Ian Kirkpatrick, Jack Sawbridge, Jaimini Patel, Jane Skinner, Jeannette Abi Khalil, Jérémie Baldocchi, Joella Wheatley, Jude Browning, Julio Campos, Kelly Jenkins, Kimberly Todd, Leonard Sexton, Lisa Snook, Michel Pincaut, Natasha Sabatini, Neil Shirreff, Nick Cobb, Olivia Strange, Paul Wood, Petrusco Mengler, Robert Jackson, Roberta Orlando, Romen Gouveia, Sana Khan, Sharon Drew, Shona Davies/Dave Monaghan/Jon Klein, Teresa Leung, The Finsbury Park Deltics, Yunji Jang, Yunna Kim, Yvette Rawson, Zac T Lee.  Invited artist Lorraine Clarke

I presented two of my newest artworks – Vision in a Dream and Rite of Spring, pictured below in the beautiful Mile End Art Pavilion:

TIAF London - Ian Kirkpatrick

TIAF-OpeningNight - Ian Kirkpatrick

Opening night

TIAF-OpeningNight2 - Ian Kirkpatrick

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