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Trilogy was a group show by artists Ian Kirkpatrick, Julien Masson, and Roger Jarvis.  It took place at the Harbour Lights Gallery in Southampton from July 26 to August 21, 2010.

All three artists in Trilogy presented “serialized” works (i.e. works as part of a sequence or as sequels to one another).  Julien Masson’s work explores progressions—and regressions—of paint as it is variously built up and stripped away to form complex genealogical patterns.  Roger Jarvis is concerned with the macroscopic exploration of the everyday: his paintings transform traditional still lives into abstractions through his use of cinematic “close up” viewpoints.  Ian Kirkpatrick’s paintings tackle art history itself as their subject—compressing centuries of visual motifs, signs, and symbols into dense visual “collisions” between past and present.


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